Monday, 19 October 2009

KRYSTOFFKRVSTOFFISTON “A door as a substitute for two doors”

The French black legions and the more occult ends of industrial loom large over this effort from the duo of Christopher L G Hill and Simon Taylor. This is a scare fest in fine tradition that turns a treadmill of sound underneath wails and groans that are torn and processed into dank air, ugly and shining wet. I have to admit to buying the t-shirt I enjoy this fucking thing so much, it’s ugliness and anguished rending sounds perfectly suiting the rain that drowned my home town over winter. They’ve called this grey metal and while I remain unsure about the metal moniker, grey could not be more perfect – all those moist things that dominated my younger days come to mind – fog, high school dances I took pills at and sat outside of, the industrial docks by the river, the awful cheap wine, the unending feeling threat that terrified in it’s looming emptiness, a future of nothing but repeating patterns of boredom mixed with terror, dominated by a landscape that could not give a flying fuck – empty condom wrappers in filthy public toilets, broken glass that seems to resemble hieroglyphs when the mushrooms kick in. Perhaps this is a kind of Homebrand HP Lovecraft - all-devouring, unfathomable banality, so potent it's a curse for those who have no belief in any afterlife at all.

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