Sunday, 18 October 2009

NAKED ON THE VAGUE The Mickey Mouse Headache Tapes (Near Tapes 002)

The explanation is that it’s a “collage of live recordings made from various live shows across U.S.A. 2008 & a show in Canberra Australia 2007”, and that is indeed what it appears to be, but I’ve delved into this sponge-morass of murk more than a few times now, and there’s something else going down. There’s a coherent form to the two slabs of wailing mung this consists of – two sides of a tape that I was enough of a moron to get on CDR.

I guess it’s not an official release, but I’m at the point where gobbling up anything with the Naked On The Vague stamp on it is something of a prerequisite, and as this pleasantly dissolves song forms into some kind of swampscape for the ears, it's a fine addition to my hoarded collection of NOTV relics. It expands on prior releases, enhancing my understanding of this fascinating act. NOTV have depth and some savvy, which makes them a satisfying listen and something to enjoy the growth and expansion of. Cripes, I'm making them sound like some suburb of toads making homebrew that I watch via telescope. ahem.
I have an urge to use it as a soundtrack for an upcoming reading of What’s Rangoon To You, Is Grafton To Me, and I think that whole thing would work well if I project pictures of roadkill and slugs mating whilst doing so. I suppose it could be bad trip music but really, I like it and find it somewhat alluring in a filthy sort of way. It’s a bit like one of those odd things I did primary school to give myself headspins – you know, rolling down hills and standing up too fast. One kid did that and spewed and we all got into trouble. Happy days.

If you like NOTV in a more than casual sense – you should get this thing. I may be revealing myself as some kind of art fag, but you can shove your anti-intellectual homophobia up your whiffling faux-blue collar anus. NOTV are a decent band and all they touch turns to grey-blue wobbling murk of the finest kind, and this release is no exception. All they really need is corpse paint, but alas, they are from Sydney and I just can’t see it working.

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