Monday, 19 October 2009

DRUNK ELK S/T Cassette (Inverted Crux 18)

A newer Hobart enterprise, which has already changed form since this document saw the light of day. Drunk Elk went through a few versions then settled into the triumvirate of Dave on the mic, Simon Kraus bassing it about and Sam Acres stroking some breed of keyboard. Sam didn’t hang around for long and now Ben Mason is playing guitar instead of keys, but he (Sam) did manage to get his Elk-Version recorded, and Sean Bailey swooped after playing with the Elk-Beast in a hall in the bush somewhere out of town. I saw this gig and it was no bloody wonder: classic Hobart vibes were presented. Melodic dark downer pop that sways and incants – Dave has some kind of touched vocal delivery that never fails to draw me in.
A deep sadness, longing and wanting that is hamstrung by shyness seems to under-pin Drunk Elk on this fragile, demanding release. Maybe it was some kind of dream world where VHS tapes could be used as food that spawned all this. Maybe it was just Hobart and the landscape about it, for like the best Black metal, this resonates with the land it came from and the lives of those therein. Of special note is the opening track Quintessence – it’s an instant classic that bays to the moon in slow motion. This a fine Inverted Crux release and if you see it, grab the bugger.

Perhaps you could get lucky and track one down here:
Inverted Crux

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