Monday, 19 October 2009

GUGG Piss & Glitter

Peer Gynt on Mogadon chased through treacle by the mushroom people, falling into a cave of bats with sirens for heads. The ensuing conversation - Peer is stoned and the bats have to communicate using sheer note length - was a complex one, heated and vulgar, but hey kids – it’s just a GUGG cassette. GUGG is probably classifiable as a ‘music’ project where the superhuman creative forces of Alex Vivian and Christopher L G Hill combine into a chattering morass that I can’t help think of as some sort role-playing game gone very, very bad – it would all seem to be processed vocals and gibbering primate sex noises mixed in some sort of unwashed cauldron. Vivian’s work has intrigued me for some time now, as he has journeyed through Always into GUGG, and he’s constantly evolving, smashing ideas down and moving on with astonishing rapidity. Chris Hill is more of enigma, but his music and art projects that I’ve encountered thus far have a welcome sense of absurd comedy coated with cheap-rent psychedelic juggling. Their powers combine and creepy vocals squelch around and about, hinting at body functions and the sound slapping squelches – filthy and fecund. This collaboration is playing live in Melbourne a fair bit from what I can glean, and will soon meander down Hobart way for a show at the six_a space and I look forward to getting sucked through the gawping mass into a mine full of fat-arsed gnomes who love bucket bongs and caffeine overloading. I just can't get away from fantasy games today but perhaps I should just admit I’m a dork and paint a huge Orc on my leather jacket and buy some jerky. Roll a D20 and save me, someone.

you might be able to get this tape from here:
But I'm not promising you a thing.

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