Sunday, 25 April 2010

FAMILY BAND Blessed Ep (self-released CDR)

Family Band is some kind of creepy new folk or maybe new country that has a wee bit of Low, a smidge of Cat Power and other such things, but gropes around in the mire enough to find some strength of character and stand on it's own feet. I tracked this via the Arthur nexus of cultural detritus and these cats were nice enough to send this five song release all the way to Hobart – and well, it's been played a lot by me ever since it landed in my post box. Craft and song writing are the core of Family Band on this sampler, but I was drawn in by the sweet timbre of vocals and the slight darkening of the instrumental sounds- a little echo here, a tiny muffling there - as if everything was swathed in smoke. A hint of otherworldliness never hurts.
Melancholy and simple, there's something that slowly unfurls with repeated listens – the subtle feedback swatches, the strange poetry of the lyrics all have found a tiny niche in my head. I like to sit in our kitchen and drink red wine of an evening with this one, and it seems that the music likes that too. Wooden floors and garlic and rain otuside.

Check it all out here. Tell 'em I sent you.

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