Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Internet is full of delight and terror

A few amusing musicish links

Julian Cope has written a eulogy for Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer

Self-proclaimed counter-culture gurus Byron Coley and Thurston Moor have writ another Bull Tongue column - and this one has some interesting clips included.

Here's some recent noise from the ever-entertaining Oren Ambarchi and his cohort Robbie Avenaim.

I'm pretty endlessly fascinated by Oren and his various musical ventures. I think in the end, it's the splattering majesty of The Menstruation Sisters I enjoy the most, but just about everything this chap touches is worthy of some investigation. Robbie I know less about, and that's something I really must rectify. He was involved with heckling me for wearing a Burzum T-shirt though, and given that it was at a w0g gig, that seems reasonable. More than that I really can't say.

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